About Us

We are hobby breeders of Boston Terriers, French Bulldogs and Faux Frenchies. 

I had great Danes for 20 years, when I decided I wanted a bulldog. After researching, we as a family decided the kind, I wanted would never work for us. I had 7 kids, all in sports and we went camping for extended periods of time. A Boston Terrier was a better fit for our lifestyle. They are more athletic, less prone to health issues and allergies. A perfect size for travel companion. Of course, after having Great Danes for 15 years, I missed Puppies.


We found Chaos and she changed our lives on a dog perspective. As Boston’s do. She was supposed to be mine, but it did not matter what we thought she picked my little girls. She would tolerate me through the day while they were at school. Throwing fits in the drop off line when they left the car. Bringing lots of stares and looks as she sounded like she was dying.


When Chaos choose the kids as her people it left me still wanting a dog of my own. So we bred Chaos and she gave us Butters, who is my best friend. She travels with me, goes to work with me, and sleeps on my leg.  Butters was what Chey and I felt was the perfect Boston in looks. After we had Butters we decided to become serious about it and developed our lines from there. 


We absolutely do not believe papers, color or being shown determines and excellent Boston. What determines an excellent Boston is knowing, understanding the history health and temperament of each parent and, understanding the positive tributes as well as anything we may wish to improve. Breeding a litter of pups should be done with love consideration and care, so that only the best attributes of both parents are amplified. This results in superior offspring, so that the new families have numerous years of love and fun with their new babies. We strive to give this and have never had a disappointed new owner.


As our puppies are raised in our home, born in our bedroom. Until weaning when they are moved to a playpen in a more open area for socializing and to acclimate to noises, other dogs, cats and children. We do not allow home visits. You can find out more about why this is on our policies page.  


This is something the whole family is involved in and dedicates their time too. We could not do this without the help and support of each one of them.

It is something Chey in particular is really passionate about. She helps me out with a lot of the logistical things when it comes to breeding and raising puppies. Whether it be keeping up with research on the breed, taking pictures of our puppies/dogs, updating families, or researching potential families.