Home Visit Policy

As our puppies are raised in our home, born in our bedroom. Until weaning when they are moved to a playpen in a more open area for socializing and to acclimate to noises, other dogs, cats and children. We do not allow home visits. For several reasons. One would be even before covid-19 we took virus prevention serious and developed a program for virus and disease prevention closely with our vet. We practice a strong sanitation process to prevent issues. We know that most people are just wanting to meet their possible family member but, there are still those people that are “litter hoppers” who go from place to place just wanting to play with pups and are often in more than one home a day. This is a magical way that parvo and other illness can be brought into the home. Our only concern is our pups. Not someone getting to play with puppies. The other reason is safety. While we know 99.9 percent of our potential families are amazing people we also know the world we live in. There have been numerous puppy breeders in the last several years that have been hurt after letting a potential puppy person come see the puppies. One breeder was within 10 miles of our home, the other in a different state but she was shot and killed and her litter stolen. While we know our way doesn’t work for everyone it’s our way and what we feel is best for our puppies and family. We would be happy to refer you to a breeder who allows but we don’t work with any breeders that do.

We do at least weekly video and pictures of pups so their people can watch them grow and develop personality. Another 3rd party verification of the puppy is addressed at vet checks with pictures or video.

Pet Policy

Our puppies need to be treated like another member of the family. We care more about finding the perfect PET home than selling a puppy. Pups are placed as pets, with the understanding they will be spayed/neutered at a time after 6 months or older, without the promise of registration papers. If for any reason you are unable to keep the puppy no matter what age we have a strict return to breeder contract.

While people often ask us to allow our pets to go to a breeding home, we only place pups in a home like that with other small breeders we have an established relationship with and who we feel have the same morals and ethics we do towards a breeding mindset. We cultivate a list over the years for possible breeding or show homes and will register a litter once or twice a year. To fulfill those homes and relationships.

Shipping Policy

We are hobby breeders and do NOT ship puppies. We love working with people from other states and try hard to fulfill non local placement, but pups can NOT be shipped. Not just because of our policy but the breeds they are. Pups can be hand delivered to the airport for pick up and carried on in main cabin by their new person.